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South Carolina deserves principled leadership that puts people above politics. We can trust Gary Simrill to fight for all South Carolinians.

Meet Gary

Gary Simrill is proud to represent our community in the South Carolina House of Representatives. A Rock Hill native, Gary and his wife, Mary Ruth, have three children.

As House Majority Leader, he works to improve the lives of families throughout our state by bolstering education, upgrading roads and bridges, strengthening our communities, and enhancing veterans' care.

Gary on
the Issues

Transportation and Infrastructure

South Carolina is the greatest place to live in America but has the deadliest roads in the nation. Gary Simrill has led the fight to improve our roads and infrastructure.

He was instrumental in passing legislation changing the way road funding is allocated. Now, instead of politicians deciding where roads will be built, roads will be built based on priorities.

The legislation got road construction going again, dramatically increasing funding by hundreds of millions of dollars.

This much-needed funding will increase safety and get people to where they need to go faster.

Read Rep. Gary Simrill’s op-ed on updating our infrastructure.


A 21st Century education is essential to preparing young people for the jobs of tomorrow. Gary has been a champion for education, supporting a bill to expand students’ access to computer science education.

Gary also voted this year to give teachers a pay raise, replace broken-down school buses and increase funding for technical schools that train for in-demand jobs.

The Opioid Epidemic

Gary has been a leader in the effort to curb the abuse of deadly opioids.

His efforts include establishing limits on opioid prescriptions and revising the confidentiality for Prescription Management Program reports, as well as allowing pharmacies to give life-saving opioid antidotes to community organizations.

Public Safety

Gary’s top priority has always been keeping us safe.

He stood up for our communities by prohibiting local governments from harboring illegal immigrants.

He stood up for our children by creating the Department of Children’s Advocacy to ensure children under the care of a state agency receive timely, safe, and effective services as well as investigating complaints related to their safety.

Veterans’ Issues

Veterans put everything on the line to protect our freedoms. They deserve the best service possible.

That’s why Representative Simrill made it possible for veterans and active-duty service members to receive in-state tuition rates at colleges and universities without having to wait 12 months to establish residency.